HR Privacy Statement

1. Introduction

Garcia BV is a Dutch organisation with its head office in Alblasserdam and is part of the JOG Group. Garcia makes every effort to protect the privacy of its external and internal applicants. When an applicant visits the job pages on the career site or visits Garcia's intranet site, the site collects information (personal data) pertaining to the applicant, for example, based on web forms. Garcia uses the applicant’s personal data in a fair and lawful manner; this means that Garcia will collect and process personal data in accordance with the applicable privacy laws. Protecting the applicant's privacy and personal data is of the utmost importance to Garcia and forms an important part of the procedures for the set-up, organisation and implementation of Garcia's recruitment activities. This Privacy Statement serves to inform applicants about how Garcia processes applicants' personal data and applies to Garcia's recruitment and selection activities. This Privacy Statement may be amended from time to time so that it continues to comply with the applicable laws or due to updated business practices. Visit this page regularly to check for changes, because we will not announce changes beforehand.

2. Purposes

Garcia will use the personal data provided by the applicants (the applicants' personal data), solely to facilitate a responsible, effective and efficient recruitment and selection process. Garcia collects and processes personal data obtained through open applications and applications for existing jobs at Garcia. Garcia will process the applicants' personal data solely for recruitment purposes. Garcia's recruitment purposes are: comparing the applicant's details to the current job openings at Garcia, communicating regarding the recruitment and selection procedures at Garcia, contacting applicants to plan interviews, testing applicants, and informing applicants about other relevant job openings. ‘Processing’ refers to: collecting, registering, retaining, organising, transferring, adapting, changing, looking up, consulting, using, restricting, notifying/disclosing by way of sending, distributing or otherwise comparing, blocking, destroying and deleting recruitment information.

3. Applicants' Personal Data

Garcia collects and processes applicants' personal data (required and optional) directly or through forms and/or attached CVs, via Garcia's career site at URL Garcia also collects and processes applicants' personal data received through personal contact, telephone conversations and/or email. Some examples of applicants' personal data: the applicant's contact details (name, gender, address, language, etc.), the applicant's educational background (schooling, courses, etc.), and the applicant's employment history (former employers, references, etc.). Garcia does not collect and process any sensitive information pertaining to applicants, for example, details that could disclose your race or ethnic background, political-, religious-, or philosophical convictions, whether or not you are a member of a union, your health or sex life. Garcia will first ask the applicant for his/her express written permission if Garcia collects sensitive information pertaining to an applicant, under specific circumstances. It should be noted that the applicant gives Garcia permission to use this information for its recruitment purposes if he/she provides unrequested sensitive personal information to Garcia. Garcia only collects and processes adequate, relevant and non-superfluous personal data pertaining to applicants, for the specific purposes for which the data is collected and processed. The applicant's personal data is as accurate as possible, and both the applicants and Garcia will update the data, as needed, in line with the applicable laws.

4. Disclosing Applicants' Personal Data

Garcia may disclose certain details pertaining to applicants, to a supplier or contract organisation that performs services for Garcia, if the performance of these services requires applicants' personal data to be used and/or created for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement. The parties will respect the applicable laws in all such cases. Garcia may give selected third parties access to the applicants' personal data in such restricted instances. Garcia will ensure that such third parties are required to uphold strict security standards. In the case of a merger and/or takeover, Garcia may disclose certain details pertaining to applicants, to a third party, if the third party in question is involved in the relevant merger and/or takeover, yet only to authorised personnel involved in the personnel recruitment process. Garcia will not sell or trade the applicants' personal data to/with any third party. Garcia may be obliged, under specific applicable laws, to disclose certain applicant details to third parties such as government authorities. Garcia might also be compelled to disclose applicants' personal data, pursuant to applicable laws, to protect its legal rights.

5. Transferring Applicants' Personal Data

Via Garcia's job pages ( and the internal application possibilities on the intranet), applicants are given the possibility to submit an open application or to apply for current job openings at Garcia By accepting this Privacy Statement, applicants who submit open online applications or apply for current job openings at Garcia, agree to their personal data being transferred and also give Garcia's national recruitment personnel permission to contact them to initiate the recruitment procedure.

6. Retaining Applicants' Personal Data

Garcia will retain the applicants' personal data during the recruitment and selection procedure. Garcia will only retain the applicants' personal data at the end of the recruitment and selection procedure if Garcia is legally required to do so (for example, in connection with local laws regarding equal opportunities at work). Garcia may also retain the applicants' personal data in the case of a ‘business need’ to retain such details, for example, by keeping an applicant's CV on hand in case a suitable job opening arises. Unless local laws dictate otherwise, Garcia will retain the applicants' personal data for no longer than 1 year (in other words, until the end of the calendar year in which you applied). Garcia will always consult and abide by local laws pertaining to the retention of personal data. Garcia will wipe the applicant's personal data from its system at the end of the retention period.

7. Security

Garcia has several technical, physical and organisational security measures in place to guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the applicants' personal data. Garcia has implemented security technologies to safeguard the applicants' stored personal data against unauthorised access, misuse, changes, and unlawful or erroneous disposal and/or loss. Garcia will continue to expand its security procedures as new technologies become available. Only Garcia's personnel who are involved with Garcia's recruitment activities have access to the applicants' personal data. Garcia's personnel are obliged to respect the privacy of applicants who visit Garcia's website and to keep the applicants' personal data confidential. In accordance with the applicable local statutory requirements, Garcia will ensure adequate security measures to safeguard the manual and electronic processing of the applicants' personal data and to prevent possible misuse. Garcia also guarantees (contractually) that third parties and business units that process the applicants' personal data, on Garcia's behalf, will take adequate security measures in accordance with the local statutory requirements. The applicant also has an important role to play in helping Garcia to retain and process his/her personal data securely. The applicant must keep his or her password confidential at all times and must follow the correct procedure when signing into or out of Garcia's career site.

8. The Applicants' Rights

The applicant has the right to access the personal data that Garcia retains in connection with him or her. Garcia makes it possible for applicants to access their personal data by way of an online self-service system which is accessible via or via the intranet. The applicant also has the right to ask Garcia to correct his or her details. ‘Correction’ includes, amongst other things: supplementing, deleting, blocking or otherwise ensuring that the applicant's details can no longer be used. Garcia is only obliged to correct an applicant's personal data when the details are in fact incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant to the purposes for which Garcia uses the data. (The self-service system also facilitates correction). If the applicant cannot use the self-service system, the applicant may contact Garcia to request and arrange access and correction rights. Garcia may also collect and process applicants' personal data (like test data) which is not accessible via the self-service system. Contact Garcia to request and arrange access and correction rights. Garcia will process applicants' requests, like requests to correct an error, in a timely manner.

9. Contact Information

You may only use these contact details for questions relating to privacy. We will not answer questions relating to job openings at Garcia or other questions that are not privacy-related when you contact us using these details. Send all your questions and comments relating to this Recruitment Privacy Policy or regarding the way Garcia collects and processes applicants' personal data, to: