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Discover the 50-year anniversary edition jeans!

To celebrate our anniversary, we are launching the 'Maurizio' and 'Isabella' jeans. Maurizio and Isabella Garcia are the founders of our brand. Check out our special jeans in honor of GARCIA's 50th anniversary. Available for women and men, but also for girls and boys.

Read more about our anniversary below and discover our story!

50 years of Garcia

Italy, 1972. Deep in the hills of Urbania, lies the Valley of Jeans. The place where denim was once crafted for the entire world. It was here and then when Maurizio turned his passion for beautiful jeans into one of the first denim factories of Urbania. Together with ‘his’ Isabella, he marked the blueprint of craftsmanship jeans. To celebrate 50 years of blue craftsmanship, we are launching the ‘Maurizio’ and ‘Isabella’ jeans. Ageless jeans, named after our founders as a tribute. Inspired by their passion for beautiful jeans, based on the Garcia lifestyle. 

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(Y)Our entire family fit

We stand for a lifestyle that chooses joy above all else. A joy shared with others. Simply because we do life is better, together. We encourage togetherness by designing jeanswear to celebrate everyday life with the people we connect with most. People who feel like family, beyond borders and genetic codes. Therefore, we created ageless jeans that fits (y)our entire family. A mom and dad fit that are both comfy and functional. To be paired, cropped, styled and worn the way you want. The ageless jeans are crafted to fit a wide range of sizes and styles and are created for every family member to be their unique selves. 

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One jeans, endless possibilities and a billion stories to tell 

We believe that jeans form the realest wearable form of self-expression. They shape our youth, body, style and (hi)story. When someone passes by wearing the same jean, you feel an instant connection. Only when you are open for real connection, meaningful relationships are built. This way people can be their authentic selves. And what better way than to show who you are than through our ageless jeans? High waisted, light-blue coloured and topped off with iconic copper buttons. The ageless jeans are effortlessly cool. No matter your age, gender, origin or class: the ‘Maurizio’ and ‘Isabella’ jeans are the blue canvas for anyone who feels like expressing themselves. 

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Our (hi)story written on one jeans 

Trendsetter, classic or unisex item: you can put many labels on these jeans, but our 'Maurizio' and 'Isabella' jeans tell a story. Recycled materials and fabrics have also been used that contribute to a circular economy. In this way, Garcia contributes to her current family and the future generation. This is where our history and the future merge. From the 70s wash to the original Garcia logo.

Our ageless jeans represent the old, present and future Garcia family. Become a part of it!

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