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Garcia Foundation

The Garcia Foundation was founded in 2021, with the intention of providing support to several established aid organisations in the countries where we produce our collections.

The first organisation we have begun working with is Terre des Hommes, an organisation who works tirelessly to improve the well-being of children from disadvantaged positions through education. Together, we have collaborated on the GOOD project (Get Out Of the Devadasi system), which combats the sexual exploitation of girls and young women in India. Terre des Hommes helps the families of rescued young women to earn income in an alternative way to support themselves, and therefore avoid falling victim to the Devadasi system. Through education provided by the organisation, girls and young women will be better informed as to their rights and be able to fight exploitation within the Devadasi community in North Karnataka.

Garcia is very proud to partner with Terres des Hommes and will take responsibility to raise awareness on this important social issue.

Our Most Sustainable Jeans

If you buy one of our “Most Sustainable Jeans” online, we will donate €10 of your purchase amount to the Garcia Foundation.

Shop in Store

Are you shopping at one of our GARCIA stores in the Netherlands? You will receive a discount voucher of €10 when handing in a full bag of old textiles (clothing, shoes, bags, household textiles, belts, cuddly toys).